RedefinE fitness in 13 weeks!

Feel like you don't belong in the fitness industry? You can sit with us!

Move better, charge what you are worth, answer your students questions with confidence and keep them coming back.

Together we can turn the fitness industry into the space we always needed it to be - building people up instead of breaking them down.

You're not teaching the wrong stuff - the movement industry is

"Having experienced chronic pain at a very young age, I vividly remember the day I graduated my Yoga teacher training. Despite my teachers' good intentions, I couldn't help but think: "I'm not ready, I'm not ready, how am I supposed to teach people who will hope I'll help them move better?"

Have you ever felt like the stuff you learn at teachers trainings  is not in line with what you experience in every day life? Most teacher trainings make it seem like the majority of our students will be young, good movers. But the reality is: people in group classes are getting older and the young ones aren't moving like they used to either.

For a couple of years I kept looking for the perfect teacher training that would combine the evidence based information of different approaches and present it in a way that would help me teach better classes. I didn't want to end up more confused than before, I didn't want to deal with "no pain, no gain" fitness bros and I really didn't want to deal with late capitalism's take on toxic Yoga positivity.


At some point I gave up. But luckily I met Maria and together we spent endless hours and thousands of dollars combing through clinical courses to create what we were looking for. A fitness method that redefines how most people view fitness. No more magic pills, no more 30 days six pack abs challenges,..." 

  • Instead of blaming the obesity epidemic on our students and shaming them for how much time they spend in front of screens;
  • Instead of shaming them for not wanting to work out and telling them stupid stuff like "if you would stop buying your coffee to-go, you could afford personal coaching“;
  • Instead of continuing to teach the inaccessible harder, faster, sexier - how about we rise to the occasion and start teaching people with their long term health in mind?

The fitness misfits method

We teach fitness that is fun while ensuring people start moving better - not just when it comes to made up exercises and poses. No, we make sure they get better at their human foundation: breathing and walking.


And more so we want movement coaches and fitness trainers to be role models of longevity and sustainable fitness, instead of seeing our colleagues burn the candle at both ends teaching at inhumane hours and unacceptable hourly wages.


We believe that your greatest value lies in building people up instead of breaking them down. This is what makes a great movement teacher - not if you fit the narrow description of what a person who works in fitness looks like and how they perform.


If you're tired of what the mainstream fitness industry has to offer or if you're new and intuitively feel that something is missing. If you wanna bridge the gap between high quality information backed by science and coaching that accounts for the human experience: the fitness misfits method is for you!

What people are saying about training with us

The offer:

  • self guided access and revision of the study material: a prerecorded platform with exercise videos, 12 coaching modules with practical lectures and weekly assignments
  • live check-ins, case studies and troubleshooting: weekly Zoom meetings to go over weekly assignments and lectures
  • accountability and personal access: a Slack channel where you have access to Maria and Julia 3 days a week
  • a 13 week completion guide: the program is self paced but the live lectures will help you finish within 90 days
  • effortless integration into your existing classes: hands on movement demonstrations and plug and play scripts to take your new knowledge into your classes
  • the best investment of your fitness career: early bird price at 999€ -> monthly payment plans available


This is for you if:

▪️if you want to move better and teach better informed classes

▪️you want a group of supportive people who "get it" and hold you accountable

▪️you want to learn about the missing link that most trainers and physios overlook

▪️you want to practice what you preach when it comes to longevity and healthy habits

▪️you're at a point where you understand that a lot of people are not moving well but you don't know how to help them

▪️you want continuing education about the human body without spending thousands of euros and hours combing through clinical courses


This is NOT for you if:

▪️you’re not a nerd when it comes to the human body and you’re not interested in becoming one

▪️you are happy with what mainstream fitness has to offer

▪️you constantly need high intensity to feel like you taught or did a workout

▪️you aren't interested in shortcuts and helping people feel their best

▪️you don't have the patience and time to start a long term improvement process

▪️you only care about impressing your peers with the crazy shit you do and teach