You deserve to move Better!

And I'm gonna show you how.

Not so long ago - in my early twenties - I lived with chronic hip and shoulder pain. No standard treatment, no massages, no physiotherapy would work. The doctors I went to couldn't find anything on my x-rays, and so I was starting to feel like it was all in my head. But I felt like I was still so young, and I was just not ready to take no as an answer. And so with my background as a Yoga teacher, I started looking for better answers.


I started working with Functional Range Conditioning (FRC) and Postural Restoration Institute (PRI) to get myself out of pain. But when I saw how much happier I was in a body that could move better, I knew I had to teach other people and show them this shortcut to a more resilient, stronger and more adaptable body. 


Today I work as a movement and joint specialist in Villach, Austria and online. I use PRI to treat postural imbalances and unwanted muscle tension through a wholistic approach that incorporates your eyes, feet, teeth and breathing. FRC is used in my sessions to spotlight specific joints and access / control more range of motion.


After laying this foundation, I help you return to strength and cardio training. You'll learn why the mainstream approach didn't work for you and how you can use fitness training to build your body up instead of breaking it down. This means: if you are willing to start training consistently, you will find out how adaptable the human body really is.


I will help you set realistic goals, I will show you how long term habit building works, and I will be by your side if shit gets tough. If you're ready, reach out to me today.



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